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Woodbridge Records

Overall BoysTimeGradeYear
Josh McCarty15:00122007
Mohammed Qazi15:14122001
Yousef Baddour15:15102013
Michael Nakahara15:17122012
Steven DeCastro15:20122006
Grant Lapovich15:20122012
Teddy Kassa15:22112011
Miles Dawson15:28122011
Drew Griffie15:30112009
Greg Day15:33122011
Senior BoysTimeYear
Josh McCarty15:002007
Mohammed Qazi15:142001
Michael Nakahara15:172012
Steven DeCastro15:202006
Grant Lapovich15:202012
Miles Dawson15:282011
Drew Griffie15:302010
Greg Day15:332011
Rio Enomoto15:422007
Andrew Faust15:452011
Junior BoysTimeYear
Teddy Kassa15:222011
Steven DeCastro15:272005
Drew Griffie15:302009
Michael Nakahara15:342011
Rio Enomoto15:352006
Brandon Vientos15:362010
Amir Ursani15:382003
Josh McCarty15:422006
Mohammed Qazi15:462000
Ravi Chintalacharuvu15:502013
Sophomore BoysTimeYear
Yousef Baddour15:152013
Michael Nakahara15:432010
Spencer Lubs15:472011
Tyler Bond16:012012
Steven DeCastro16:012004
Teddy Kassa16:052010
Brandon Vientos16:082009
Miles Dawson16:092009
Rio Enomoto16:182005
Steven Horton16:192007
Mohammed Qazi16:191999
Freshmen BoysTimeYear
Michael Nakahara16:302009
Steven DeCastro16:462003
Ian Godfrey16:502006
Jared Wada16:562009
Stefan Inouye17:012009
Cameron Krumpe17:072006
Tyler Bond17:092011
Jorge Rodriguez17:102013
Spencer Shortland17:112007
Tyler Young17:132013

Overall GirlsTimeGradeYear
Angela Spadafino17:40122004
Laura Ettlin18:01122009
Alison Kielty18:02112003
Jackie Rodriguez18:04112011
Alison Stoakley18:04102003
Samantha Layman18:16102013
Caitlyn Corrao18:19122007
Elena Inouye18:22122007
Hannah Griffie18:24102011
Alyssa Desmond18:31122012
Senior GirlsTimeYear
Angela Spadafino17:402004
Laura Ettlin18:012009
Alison Stoakley18:142005
Caitlyn Corrao18:192007
Elena Inouye18:222007
Alyssa Desmond18:312012
Allison Levy18:332010
Andrea Webber18:392009
Kelly O'Malley18:412010
Alexandra Toth18:422004
Junior GirlsTimeYear
Alison Kielty18:022003
Jackie Rodriguez18:042011
Angela Spadafino18:062003
Caitlyn Corrao18:292006
Alyssa Desmond18:322011
Laura Oelsner18:342013
Elena Inouye18:362006
Alison Stoakley18:402004
Kelly O'Malley18:542009
Danielle Breski19:012005
Alice Duan19:012013
Sophomore GirlsTimeYear
Alison Stoakley18:042003
Samantha Layman18:162013
Hannah Griffie18:242011
Jackie Rodriguez18:242010
Laura Oelsner18:382012
Emily Atkinson18:472013
Roxanne Laveaga18:492011
Kelly O'Malley18:582008
Alyssa Desmond19:012010
Allison Levy19:032008
Freshmen GirlsTimeYear
Alyssa Desmond18:352009
Samantha Layman18:372012
Rachel Oelsner19:032013
Emily Atkinson19:262012
Allison Levy19:322007
Hannah Griffie19:442010
Jill Dobens19:511995
Laura Oelsner19:512011
Allison Chang20:152013
Jordyn Park20:192013




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